Sunday NFL ticket

UI Design

The Problem I wanted to address is how slow and inefficient the NFL Sunday Ticket App is for DirecTV. The goal here was to redesign/re-configure a faster, and more effective user experience by simplifying the app and making it easier to use.

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Main Menu


I started by breaking up the project into two sections, which were the remote application and television screen designs.
Remote/TV Screens


It works just like any other interaction between remote control and television device. When you first open up the app, a screen pops up asking for a user-name and password. Once, your logged into the application the screen then mirrors onto the closest television device, which allows the cellular device to act like a remote control and the television being where the application is displayed.
After your signed into the app your able to look through all the cool features. The main screen will pop up; which displays all of your short cut options. In addition to these shortcuts, there’s a tracking pad that allows the user to navigate throughout the app.

Screen


One feature that I focused on was the player tracker feature, knowing how big Fantasy Football is nowadays. I wanted to create an app that benefits the typical Fantasy user without taking away from the overall experience of the football game.