STUD: Football App

App Design, Branding, Illustration

Fantasy Football is an established online game that is alluring to fans across the nation. Every year the Fantasy community grows by the millions. Fantasy Football is based on analytical data and doesn’t allow the user to dictate the outcome of the game. This was the reason why I decided to create a mobile football gaming app that would allow users to be in control, at the same time, incorporate live game day updates to enhance the user experience. In addition, the idea was to come up with a football game that has never been seen before. So, I added a couple of unique features to give the user an ultimate football experience.

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User-testing/Feedback were an essential part of the process. It was all about figuring out what worked and what didn’t. I started out by developing a questionnaire. From there I received responses, which helped move the process forward. Eventually this lead to user testing, which was a crucial aspect of the project.
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Once, the heavy-lifting was done. It was smooth sailing from here on out. The final outcomes are a website explaining what the app does (site link in description), an introductory video showing how the game is played, and last but not least the app itself. Below are the wireframes for the app. This was done to get an idea of the app's layout. Overall, the project was a success.

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