GW Burgers

Brand Identity

GW Burgers is a fastfood restaurant based in Washingtonville, NY. There mission is to provide great service with comfort food, promote spending time with loved ones and create a phenomanel sport bar experience. My job here was to get the business up and running with a new inovative look. I did this by incorporating the town’s history into brand, hence the name “GW”, which stands for George Washington.

Core Logo
Store Mock-up


The idea was to create a brand from scratch. I began by creating a core logo. First, I came up with the name George Washington Burger's because it was said the 1st President of the United States stayed in Washingtonville, NY. This lead to the concept of the brand, which was built around the idea of "American Tradition". From there, I choose colors red and blue to be an abstract representation of the "American Flag". Eventually, a typeface was carefully selected, Rockwell. "Rockwell", was a prominent typeface used in wood cut-type posters back in the 20th Century to advertise current events happening in America, it was the perfect fit. The boldness of the slab-serif and the secondary display type within the logo's visual aesthetic helped  lay out the foundation for the brand's identity. Every piece of material that follows was an extension from the core logo.

Business Card
Sticker Stack